for enduring change,

integrate emotion with reason


The Change.Studio focuses on the thoughts and emotions that determine our behaviors and shape our relationships. Hack the origins and workings of your unique code, and enduring change can follow. Experience shows it helps to have a quality contemplative/meditation practice. It will enhance feelings of calm, sharpen social and emotional intelligence, and accelerate positive change. If you do not already have a meditation practice, Change.Studio can suggest where to go for training, based on your interests and location.


The studio honors creativity, learning, expression and growth. It is a safe zone for objectivity and compassion for self and others. It is a place where perfectionism, harsh self-critique, and unbearable burdens can be left at the door. Here, you are free to be a work-in-progress, and free to pursue new possibilities.

Edward B Keehn, PhD, PsyD

My work has brought me into close contact with the top 1% and the bottom 1%. Suffering is, indeed, universal. I've spent years studying Buddhist meditation and thought in South and Southeast Asia, and more years studying the politics and cultures of East Asia, along the way earning two doctorates and working in academia, business, and healthcare. The Change.Studio grows out of these experiences. It combines Buddhist, Daoist, and Greek philosophy, and action plans based on contemporary techniques. It is a method of psychotherapy created in the spirit of 'Clinical Ontology', a term pioneered by the neurologist and author Oliver Sacks.


Appointments are available via HIPAA compliant telehealth video that protects your privacy. Office appointments are available in San Diego area.


(858) 224-3221